Amy Clarke

Earlier this year – on my thirtieth birthday – I answered a phone call that changed my life. It was from Lee at Prestige Recruitment.  

A few weeks prior, I had taken a leap of faith and left a steady career in Administration and Event Management to re-train as a Chef. I was looking for an entry-level position in the best kitchen I could find but after searching (and struggling) for a while, concerns were setting in. 

Lee, at Prestige Recruitment, changed all that. He had stumbled upon my CV and after an extremely uplifting conversation about my situation – career past, present and hopes of the future – he seemed able to look beyond my inexperience and acknowledge my ambitions and passion for the culinary arts.  

Through some kind of recruitment alchemy I sit here now, just a few weeks later, as a full-time apprentice pastry chef in the only Michelin Star restaurant in my hometown. It's an unbelievable opportunity and ideal work environment for me, but a role that I (as someone with no prior kitchen experience) wouldn’t have dared to apply for without Lee’s help.

During the entire recruitment process (initial interview and a number of trial days) Lee was incredibly supportive and patient, answering my (many) questions with tireless enthusiasm. He went above and beyond the call of duty at every opportunity and has been a dream to work with. More than that, he’s made my wildest career dreams come true.

If you’re looking for a change of role then I couldn’t recommend Lee or Prestige Recruitment enough.  They make recruitment magic happen!