Meet The Team: Hannah Knight

Name: Hannah Knight

The Directors Notes: Hannah brings lots of fun and a touch of craziness to the office. That said she is a top recruiter who has a conversion rate like no other, getting it right first time is a must for her. Known for her office “singing” we can gladly say her recruitment prowess is by far her greatest asset! 

We asked Hannah

What is your job title and role: Senior Perm Consultant – I find people permanent jobs within the office support sector up to management level☺  I also manage Charlene, my recruitment resourcer.

What do you like about working for Prestige Recruitment:  Everyone is crazy/amazing and we get to finish at 4:30pm on a Friday so I can make my 6pm spin class. 

What would your last meal be: fajitas (3 combo – steak, prawn and chicken).

What is your favourite film: Amelie and Stepbrothers!

Most listened to music track: ….. Des’ree – Kissing you. 

One item you couldn’t do without stranded on a desert island: My makeup bag (including contents). 

What famous person would you like to meet (past or present): Danny Dyer and Amy Winehouse!

Describe yourself in 4 words: Confident, tenacious, cat crazy and always hungry– more than 4 words I know.